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ADMISSION:  Enrollment of children is on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the space available. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, color, age, language, religion, or national origin. All children are considered for admission. If our program cannot meet your child's needs, we will recommend some other program.

AGES:  This center accepts children from 6 weeks to 12 years.


BIRTHDAYS: We are happy to celebrate your child’s birthday with you. If you would like to provide a snack, you can find out how many children are in your child's class.


BREAKFAST:  is served from 6:a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Children arriving at the center after 8:30 a.m. should be fed at home. NO BREAKFAST WILL BE SERVED AFTER 8:30 AM.

CLOTHING:  Children are encouraged to wear play clothes that are comfortable. Each child must have a clean, complete change of clothes at all times to be used in emergencies. In the event that your child has to wear clothing belonging to this facility, it is to be laundered and returned the following day.



COMMUNICATION: Ty-Lexine Early Developmental Center is committed to open communication between parents and teachers. Any problem that occurs should immediately be brought to the attention of the director.


DAILY ACTIVITIES: Ty-Lexine has developed age-appropriate daily activities for all the children we serve, including active and quiet play. At this center, we encourage children to initiate play (which brings out their creativity and thinking skills) and we help them with some directions. Our activities help to stimulate children's large (gross) and small (fine) motor skills. We listen and talk to children to help build up their communication skills.

DISCIPLINE: We do not administer corporal punishment (paddling or spanking); it is against state regulations and is not done at this center, even with written permission from parents. When a child hits on his or her fellow mate, the teacher will explain the wrong action that was done. If it continues the teacher will exercise time out to the child, but not more then four minutes.

DROP-OFF & PICK UP:  Only authorized persons designated on the child’s enrollment application will be allowed to pick up your child. NO child will be allowed to enter or leave this center without being escorted by a parent or person of legal aged authorized by the parent(s).


EMERGENCY INFORMATION: It is important that we are able to reach the parents or the responsible parties at all times. Parents must notify us every time there is a change in home or work addresses and telephone numbers.  We will make every effort to notify parents in case of an emergency. (Illness, injury, etc)


EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: In case of a fire, severe weather, loss of electricity, loss of water, serious injury to a child, loss of a child, death of a child, and cause of evacuation from the facility. We follow the required procedure by the regulations of the state. An emergency plan has been developed and posted for parents’ viewing. 

FIELD TRIPS:  We take field trips in the form of learning about different aspects of our surroundings. Written permission is required from each parent and is obtained prior to the trip.


FOOD:  Balanced, nutritious meals are served each day. The weekly menu is posted up. We are required to serve meals in accordance with USDA nutritional standards; therefore students may not bring breakfast, lunch, or snacks from home except for special dietary or religious considerations. All babies on formula must have a complete and signed feeding plans form written with the formula given, instructions for solid food, the amount of food given and notation of any commercial premixed formula which may not be used in an emergency because of food allergies. Mix the child formula or food for feeding or refrigeration. All babies' full names should be written on their bottles.


INCOME ELIGIBILITY FORM: Income eligibility must be filled out as a requirement upon registration.


HEALTH:  See our Health & Safety Page

HOLIDAYS: see holidays  updates:




See our Health & Safety Page


See our Health & Safety Page


LATE PAYMENT FEES: All fees are payable in advance.

A $10 per week late fee is charged to any account with an outstanding on each Tuesday.


NAPTIME: Each child in this facility will have the advantage of a mid-nap. At times they may not fall asleep, children are required to lie quietly on a mattress without disturbing other children. If they do not fall asleep shortly, they may play quietly or read a book. If your child has a special blanket, stuffed animal, or a child-sized pillow they can bring it for naptime. Please label the child’s name on the item.


PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY: Parents should acknowledge that it is their responsibility to keep the child’s record current and to reflect any significant changes as they occur. E.g. Telephone numbers, change of address, emergency contacts, health status, immunization records, and so on. All enrollment form must be filled out completely. Write N/A if the question does not apply to you.


PAYMENTS:  Fees are due on Monday. We accept checks, money order, and cash. There is a $35.00 charge for any returned checks including those we are asked to redeposit. If your child is absent for any day of the week, you are to pay the full amount for that week. However, if your child is absent for a week or more including spring break, you are to pay half of your weekly payment in order to retain your child registration status. This policy also applies to holidays and bad weather.  


REGISTRATION FEES:  This is a non-refundable fee. Each child must re-register each year beginning in August.

TOYS FROM HOME: Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home. Also, there should be no candy, gum, and snack. Balloons, beads in the hair are not allowed, they could pose health and safety problems. Ty-Lexine will not be responsible for toys brought from home. We have the show and tell days, where children can bring toys from home.


TRANSPORTATION: There is transportation provided for pick up and drop off.


VISITING: Even though we ask that we would appreciate if do not disrupt the program, parents are welcome to visit Ty-Lexine at any time. Parents are permitted to access all areas of this facility when your child is present. No parent should talk to a teacher with children for more than two minutes. When a parent needs to talk at length to us about a child, a conference should be scheduled. 


WITHDRAWALS:  A two-week written notice is required for withdrawal from Ty-lexine.  Parents are required to pay for two weeks if withdrawn without notice.



  • NEW YEAR’S DAY              


  • MEMORIAL DAY                








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Operational Hours

Days:  Mondays    thru     Fridays   
Time: 5:30 A.M.   to    5:30 A.M   
Month:    January Thru December

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